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Scott Tower Demolished

Updated: Thursday, January 23 2014, 05:45 PM EST
An Upstate landmark was reduced to rubble Sunday morning, now part of the Greenville skyline is gone.

Scott Tower, the city's largest public housing complex, was built in the early 70's, and it came down in about 10-seconds.  400-pounds of dynamite was used to implode the 14-story building.

It had been closed since March because of critical structural damage.  The grandson of the project-founder witnessed the demolition.

James Scott, founder's grandson "it's very mixed emotions for us. We're very happy, very proud, but also a little sad to see the last of his legacy vanish but we hope it lives on and that other people will pick up the torch for low-income senior housing so that everybody has a decent place to live and fulfill my grandfather's dream."

First-responders from Western North Carolina and the Upstate will take part in rescue training on the site throughout the week.

A St. Louis development firm plans to build 200-plus mixed income housing units on the property.Scott Tower Demolished

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