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Commissioners Move, Again

Updated: Monday, November 12 2012, 07:30 AM EST
Buncombe County Commissioners move for the second time in just a few years but this time they say the move is permanent.
Commissioners have had their last meeting in this chamber located in the planning building. They moved here several years ago after the court system said it needed the commissioners space in the old courthouse.
Now they're moving again to 200 College Street.
Wanda Greene, Buncombe County Manager, says, "our trip down to the planning board room was really a temporary measure so the courts could have space so we've been planning this board room for a while."       
The new chambers, at a cost of $105,000, are more secure, and each of the seven commissioners will have their own office.
Some other county commissioners across the state share space. That includes Wake County, but that will change when it's new county complex is complete.
Commissioners aren't known to spend  a lot of time in their offices, but the space is something the commission chair says is necessary.
Commission chair, David Gantt, "well we want to be accessible to the public an I think when any member of the public wants to meet with us any given commissioner has an obligation to sit down and talk with them."
Office space for county legal, the county manager and commissioners cost $356,300.
If there is a need to free up the space, sharing offices is always an option.
Greene says, "historically they've all had an office and right now we didn't really need a lot of offices for other purposes but if something comes up and we need to move the commissioners and put a different group in that are providing services we'll ask the commissioners to give up the space and do that and then start to share some offices."
At this point there's no indication that is on the horizon. Chairman Gantt says the expense was a good one, "while we're going from five to seven because of the general assembly changes, it's more offices, but I think it's a good use of public money I think it's the right thing to do because we want to be transparent and everyone needs to have access to us."
Commissioners first meeting in the chambers is late this month.Commissioners Move, Again

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