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Gas Gouging Concerns

Updated: Tuesday, October 30 2012, 07:31 PM EDT
North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper has issued a warning to merchants that the state's gouging law is now in effect after hurricane Sandy led to an emergency declaration.  Cooper on the state department of justice website warned, "price gougers don't use a crisis as an excuse to make an unfair profit off of consumers."

Drivers we spoke with in Hendersonville weren't too worried about gas prices.  The average gallon of unleaded has been declining recently and actually dropped 7/10ths of a cent on average across the state overnight.

Triple A Carolina's says prices should continue to fall as demand weakens in the fall season.  They also point out that most of our fuel comes from the Gulf of Mexico and not the areas that were hit by the hurricane in the northeast.

By Frank Fraboni 
Gas Gouging Concerns

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