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Home Improvement Troubles

Updated: Wednesday, October 30 2013, 03:19 PM EDT

Continuing coverage in a Reality Check about a handy-man victims say is praying on the elderly. News 13 first told you about Danny Smith last week after an elderly candler woman paid him $8,000 for a patio. But what she got was next to nothing. Now  another victim has come forward.

But as News 13's Frank Fraboni reports, she paid him cash and spent hundreds of dollars. Danny Smith hasn't been seen for weeks now.

Barbara Styles, a feisty 73-year-old, showed News 13 the windows Danny Smith replaced a few years ago on a very cold winter day.

"The day they put these windows, storm window up it was like four degrees. It was so cold you could not even stay out here.  And i asked him do not come and do it, oh no, we have to do it," said Styles.

She met Smith at Smileys Flea Market where he advertised a remodeling business called All About Home Improvement.

"And I told him what I wanted, so he wrote this up," said Styles.

It's the same business 75-year-old Bessie Inman paid $8,000 for patio improvements that amounted to a few 2 X 4.

Styles hired Smith a few months ago to paint her deck and paid him a $100 deposit. She went out and bought hundreds of dollars in paint. But after he came and scraped and mopped the deck for a few hours, Smith just left, promising he'd be back.

"The next conversation I heard from him was his wife had, she was sick and had to have 17 enemas that day, and that she was very ill and he couldn't make it back," said Styles.

Styles says Smith did eventually return, but needed more money because of his sick wife. Styles gave him another $80 and got it in writing. But Styles worried he might not return to finish the job, insisted on some collateral.

"He gave me his wallet," said Styles.

Filled with notes, bank and credit cards and a license. He still hasn't come back.

If you know where Danny Smith is, contact your local law enforcement agency.              

Home Improvement Troubles

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