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Offensive Sign

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:22 PM EDT
A West Asheville business owner says a neighboring bar's marquee is offensive.  The sign outside The Odditorium listed the names of several "queer" bands, according to a statement from the business owners.  Those names include profanities that some have found inappropriate for the family friendly neighborhood.

The co-owner of Nona Mia Italian Kitchen says "there are children that walk up and down this street" all the time and there are other ways to promote bands, such as blogs, facebook and email without putting it out there for everyone.  Yolie Affatato says it's not just offensive for children.  She says she has adult workers, some of whom are queer, that also find it offensive. 

The city says the sign is protected by free speech since it's a marquee.  The Odditorium owners agreed to make slight changes to the sign out of respect for their neighbors.  The show is Tuesday night.

By Frank Fraboni
Offensive Sign

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