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Phone Book Dumping

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:22 PM EDT

Advertisers in the Asheville Area Yellowbook are upset after learning that News 13's Reality Check uncovered dozens of phone books dumped in a ditch along a rural road.  The new Yellowbooks were found off Lower Brush Creek Road near Cane Creek in a ditch, in the woods and on the creek bank.

Businesses pay certain rates for ads in the Yellow Pages and Business White Page listings based upon distribution to homes and businesses. Wayne Michael of Grace Fuel Company bought ads in the Yellowbook.  He's upset that someone would litter like that and discard them instead of distributing them.  Michael says, "Yellowbook needs to find out who's distributing the books and find out why they're not being delivered to where they're supposed to."

A Yellowbook employee expressed disappointment in our discovery of the dumping and said they will find who's responsible and that person will be punished.

By Frank Fraboni

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Phone Book Dumping

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