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Poor Elevator Inspections

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:22 PM EDT

The State Auditor's Office wants changes to the way elevators in North Carolina are inspected. That's because an investigation by her office found problem elevators are rarely checked for repairs or re-inspected.

The report says only 3% of the elevators found in violation had follow up inspections. That means there's no way to know if the problem was ever fixed.

News 13 took a ride on one of the reported problem elevators at the Buncombe County Courthouse. Inspectors found the elevator did not have a working emergency telephone.

According to inspection documents, there are other problems like no annual no load safety test. The Asheville Airport also has an elevator that also has no working emergency telephone. The Asheville Housing Authorities Bartlett Arms Apartments has an elevator.  According to records, the elevator has holes in the car's interior panels.

The State Auditor's June financial related audit found few elevators with violations in 2012 had a follow up inspection. Elevator penalty reductions and waivers deviate from state law and internal policy. Elevator penalties are nominal.

Labor Secretary Cherie Berry's office says none of the issues were life threatening and they've already addressed some of them.

News 13 contacted the county's General Services Manager and told him about the problem with that elevator's phone. He says Otis, the elevator manufacturer, is responsible and was notified when the violation was issued.

Click here for the full auditor's report at Carolina Public Press.

Poor Elevator Inspections

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