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Small Businesses Weigh in on Last Four Years

Updated: Thursday, October 25 2012, 08:26 AM EDT

Bernie Marcus has been a staunch critic of President Obama's policies. So,  when the Home Depot CEO recently released a video urging people to vote for Mitt Romney we thought we'd ask small business owners like Chris Sawyer and Kelly Prime how the last few years have treated them.

Prime bought her massage therapy business just two years ago and credits Obama's doubling the Small Business Administration's budget with being able to do that after the big banks turned her away. 

Sawyer adds though that he does have frustration with Washington.  "The best proposals seem like they can't get any agreement or consensus to make anything happen the farm bill still hasn't passed." 

Both business owners agree on one major issue involving small business owners. "They don't want to feel like they're part of the problem they want to feel like they're part of solution for helping America" says Prime.

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Small Businesses Weigh in on Last Four Years

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