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Special Report: Wrongful Tax

Updated: Thursday, February 7 2013, 09:11 AM EST
A Madison county homeowner says she's being wrongfully taxed by the town of Marshall.  Marlena Wimsett says the home she and her husband built in 2007 is on property they purchased outside the town limits. 

But the town of Marshall believes otherwise and has continued to send tax bills now in excess of 6-thousand dollars.  The town is  now threatening to foreclose on her home. 

Wimsett has gone to town leaders to argue her case, showing them a copy of the town's 1925 charter and a survey she had made based on the charter's description.  She says it reveals her home and several others are outside the town limit which is was incorrectly drawn on county tax maps.

City officials refused to comment for this story.  Wimsett has hired an attorney and plans to continue her fight.

By Frank Fraboni
Special Report: Wrongful Tax

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