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Superintendent Pay Raise

Updated: Tuesday, August 27 2013, 11:23 PM EDT
A Henderson County Board of Education member says the timing wasn't right to give Superintendent David Jones an 18% pay raise.  Josh Houston says it's not fair to teachers who have been stuck with a salary freeze for more than 5 years now.

Henderson County Board of Education members voted to increase Jone's salary $26,000 a year to bring his salary in line with other superintendents across the state and in the region.  His pay according to state documents will be approximately $166,000, not including benefits.

Houston says teachers are paid a local supplement and could be paid more locally with the same local money that's used to increase the salary of the superintendent. He says teachers are the ones that make our schools great not administrators.  Other board members defended the raise saying he was underpaid and consolidated several jobs, saving the district more than his compensation.

By Frank Fraboni

Superintendent Pay Raise

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