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Suspect Knocked Out Charged Again

Updated: Tuesday, September 17 2013, 09:00 PM EDT
A suspect in a viral video caught on camera getting knocked out by a store clerk has been charged again in a similar crime.  Police arrested Mostafa Hendi of Hendersonville and charged him with felony robbery with a dangerous weapon and felony possession of stolen property.  He was being held under $120,000 secured bond.

The man who knocked Hendi out when he tried to rob a jewelry store in December of 2011 couldn't believe Hendi was already out of jail and accused in another violent crime. Derek Mothershead says "it's a shame" and feels let down by the justice system.  He says it was an open and shut case after he punched Hendi and grabbed his gun which turned out to be a pellet gun.  Mothershead became a national hero after the surveillance video went viral, receiving gifts and congratulations from complete strangers. 

News 13 has learned Hendi was freed from jail after making bond last October.  He served 314 days and was sentenced in a plea deal last June to time served and 3 years probation.  The district attorney says state law does not have enough teeth to lock up robbers for lengthy sentences unless they're an habitual offender.  But Greg Newman feels state lawmakers should do more to address the problem.

By Frank Fraboni
Suspect Knocked Out Charged Again

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