Cold Hate Crimes

Updated: Friday, January 11 2013, 09:42 AM EST
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Earlier this year, there was a cross burning incident in Haywood County. Four teens are facing charges of trying to intimidate a bi-racial classmate. Kate Noland says it's time for hate crimes like this and others in the area to end. She says she has a pretty good idea where ignorance begins.

Ben Greene, Matthew Nitchell, Brandon Kersey and an unnamed juvenile were arrested on charges of placing a cross with the intent to intimidate. All four attend Tuscola High School with Noland.

Western Carolina University criminologist Albert Kopak says prejudice is most often learned from family and friends. He says nationally, hate crimes have been going down since 2009. But more than half are not reported by minorities and  ethnic groups for fear of discrimination.  

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By Rex Hodge

Cold Hate Crimes
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