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Collecting Unpaid Parking Tickets

Updated: Monday, May 12 2014, 01:20 PM EDT
Collecting Unpaid Parking Tickets story image
The city of Asheville is owed more than a million dollars in unpaid parking tickets.  It's money city officials say is difficult to collect and a small percentage of what's collected from parking fines and fees.

The manager of Asheville's parking services, Harry Brown says, "we'd love to collect everything that's owed to the city."  But Brown says  because Asheville is a tourist town, it's hard to track down out of state plates and force people to pay up.  He says collection agencies also have difficulty when the total balance due is usually a few hundred dollars.

Parking meter violations are $10.  But late fees can add up to a total of $85 dollars for each unpaid ticket.  City officials can send the debt to the state's Debt Set Off Program, where the state can garnish tax refunds.  They can also send it to a collections agency which can impact a person's credit rating.  They can also boot or impound a car that had outstanding fines in excess of 90 days old.

Brown says 8.4% of the city's parking fines are unpaid over the past 10 years.  He says that's low compared to some cities where it's as high as 20%.

Collecting Unpaid Parking Tickets
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