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Updated: Monday, November 12 2012, 03:19 PM EST
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It's been a beautiful fall here in the mountains, but the color is starting to fade and we've already seen a couple of snows. That has many people wondering what winter is going to be like this year. Some say if you pay close attention to nature, the signs are all around us.

Many believe the woolly worm, or woolly bear, can predict the coming winter weather. According to legend, the wider the middle brown section, the milder the coming winter will be. At the annual Woolly Worm Festival in Banner Elk, it's the winning worm of a race that makes the official forecast. "Lickety Split's" predicting much of this coming winter will be cold and snowy. Observing woolly worms is just one weather lore that can be used to predict weather.

If an onion's skin is very thin, then a mild winter is coming. If an onion's skin is thick and tough, then the coming winter will be cold and rough.

You may have also heard about counting the foggy days in August. Weatherlore states that the number of foggy days in August will equal the number of days with snow in winter.  Nearly every morning this August produced fog.

There are hundreds of Weatherlores. Click here to discover more of them!

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Forecasting Folklore
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