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Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:23 PM EDT
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One in three children in the U.S. is overweight or obese.  News 13's
Special Series Kids' Health Matters wrapped up this morning with some
practical ways to make healthy living a habit. 

Mission Exercise
Specialist Tricia Kelly says you can turn any room into a gym.   Freeze
dancing, Imitating your favorite animal, Balloon Volleyball, or Game
Timer Olympics are good options.   And moms really like Sock Basketball
where you have the kids try to toss their socks or other clothes into
the hamper.  Then they take a victory lap.   In the end the kids have
their exercise and clean rooms.

by Victoria Dunkle
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are some Quick, Easy & Healthy Meal Ideas from Traci Malone,
Pediatric Outpatient Dietitian Mission Children’s Hospital

are busy in the morning, and breakfast ideas that are fast and easy
will help ensure this very important meal is not skipped.
I encourage families to combine two or three food groups in creating these quick meals.  

Grain group:
Whole wheat bread, bagel, pita, English muffin
Cereals (lower sugar content, less than 8 grams per serving)
Graham crackers
Whole grain crackers
Whole wheat tortilla
Granola bars (with at least 2g fiber and less than 12g sugar)

Fruit group:
Any kind of fresh fruit
Dried raisins, plums, cranberries
Canned fruit in light syrup or natural juices

Dairy group:
Skim or 1% milk
String cheese
2% cottage cheese

Protein group:
Lean deli meat
Hard boiled or scrambled eggs
Turkey bacon/sausage
Heart healthy fats (unsaturated fat) group:
Nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, peanuts)
Nut butters (peanut butter, almond butter)
Seeds (sunflower)

Instead of Pop-tarts or a fast food breakfast sandwich, try:
Slice of whole wheat bread toasted (grain) with peanut butter (healthy fat) and sliced bananas (fruit)
Trail mix (combine low sugar cereal such as multi grain Cheerios or Kix (grain) , nuts (healthy fat), dried fruit (fruit)
Piece of fresh fruit (fruit) and a string cheese (dairy)
Low sugar cereal (grain), with milk (dairy), 4-6 ounce glass of 100% orange juice (fruit)
Graham crackers crushed up (grain) and mixed into yogurt (dairy)

combining food groups is a great way to ensure a lunch meal is packed
with nutrients to help kids grow up healthy and strong, and do well in
Here are a few ideas:
Sandwich with sliced lean deli meat- turkey, ham, roast beef- (protein)
Whole wheat bread (grain)
Lettuce/tomato and baby carrots on the side (vegetable)
Small handful of pretzels (grain)
Favorite flavored yogurt (dairy)
Water to drink

Peanut butter and jelly roll up served on whole wheat tortilla (grain, healthy fat)
Celery sticks (vegetable)
Piece of fresh fruit (fruit)
Milk to drink (dairy)

muffin pizza (toast an English muffin, then top with pizza sauce and
shredded mozzarella cheese, bake in oven or toaster oven until cheese is
melted)- (grain, dairy)
Small salad or mixed raw veggies with favorite dressing (vegetable)
Graham crackers (grain)
Small glass (4-6 ounces) 100% fruit juice

Whole grain crackers (grain)
String cheese (dairy)
Baby carrots (vegetable)
Piece of fresh fruit (fruit)
Favorite flavored yogurt  (dairy)
Water to drink
This one is super fast and easy!
Click here for more ideas to make Healthy Living a life-long habit.Kids Health Matters: Getting it Done
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