Kids Health Matters: Obesity Epidemic

Updated: Friday, January 11 2013, 09:41 AM EST
Kids Health Matters: Obesity Epidemic story image
It's an epidemic 30 years in the making.
Childhood obesity now affects one in three children in this country and those kids are at risk for everything from heart disease to diabetes to depression.
If you come to your doctor when your child is just tipping over to be an unhealthy weight, that is the easiest time to intervene.
Staying active more than ever is what these sisters are doing after a doctor suggested they might be at risk for childhood obesity stemming from bad habits.
Alliyah Telesford says, "I would eat like terrible stuff like McDonald's all the time, pizza, burger king, burgers, smoothies and milkshakes..."
Now that's taken a turn after the girls enrolled in the Kidpower program at Park Ridge Health aimed at reducing childhood obesity.
Dr. Teresa Herbert, Park Ridge Pediatrics, "It's a complex interaction between environment, behavior, availability of cheap food, decrease in activity, increase in inactivity, .. and an increase in the number of calories we eat."
Hayley Donaldson, Kidpower Coordinator, "the fast food restaurants have a lot more healthy options now like the fruit cup... Fruit slices... Orange slices... Grilled chicken is always a great option too."
The kids and parents participating in the program say it makes them better both physically and emotionally. 
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