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Special Gymnasts Vault Past Fears

Updated: Monday, May 5 2014, 04:40 PM EDT
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You don't always have to have Olympic dreams to take on the sport of gymnastics. On Saturday afternoons, OSEGA gymnastics gives the floor to kids with special needs.

"Everybody has such a huge passion for the sport, we just all come together," says coach Jenny Durrant, about the sixty minutes that have become an hour of power.

"I have trouble sometimes finding volunteers," says Durrant. "And if I can get them here for one hour they come back every week. It's like wow, it's the most rewarding hour."

Her students face their fears and gain confidence in an unusual venue that forces them outside their usual comfort zone.

"For these special needs kids, sometimes they get skills they've been working on for years in physical therapy, and they'll get it here," Durrant explains.

Many of the kids participate in the Special Olympics, earning medals along the way.

But sometimes, just learning how to do a somersault or navigating the balance beam is more important than anything they'll gain in competition. The smaller victories sometimes mean the most.

"I always walk out of here feeling wonderful, the kids make me smile," Durrant says.
Special Gymnasts Vault Past Fears
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