Special Report: E-Cigarette Explosion Part I

Updated: Thursday, November 21 2013, 08:53 PM EST
Special Report: E-Cigarette Explosion Part I story image
A new trend sweeping the nation could forever change tobacco roads. The sales of e-cigarettes are smoking hot. They are predicted to reach nearly $2 billion this year. A small mountain company is cashing in on this growing e-cig industry.

People who use e-cigarettes say they don't have all the harmful side-effects of smoking tobacco. But the other big reason is the price. Nearly a fraction of what it costs for tobacco products.

The battery operated devices that vaporizes nicotine have become increasingly popular. The multiple flavor extracts, mixed with nicotine, give users the same sensation as smoking. You can find them in most gas stations or convenience stores.  But health experts warn little is actually known about electronic cigarettes.

The federal government is expected to issue rules for e-cigarettes any day now. The e-cig industry believes the FDA could create guidelines, similar to those for supplements.Special Report: E-Cigarette Explosion Part I
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