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Special Report: Finding Balance

Updated: Tuesday, April 21 2015, 11:17 AM EDT
Special Report: Finding Balance story image
Sports often bring out the best in people. Every week, a local group overcomes fears and finds a sense of balance in their lives in an unlikely venue.

You don't always need Olympic dreams to jump in. "Everybody has such a huge passion for the sport, we just all come together," says Coach Jenny Durrant

When he's not bouncing, Benjamin Haines, somehow finds the perfect balance. Durrant says 60 minutes watching these kids, will turn your world upside down. "I have trouble sometimes finding volunteers, and if i can get them here for one hour they come back every week," says Durrant.

Osega Gymnastics gives them the floor with a free class every Saturday afternoon. They vault past the limits, and the labels. "For these special needs kids, sometimes they get skills they've been working on for years in physical therapy, and they'll get it here," says Durrant.

Benjamin has Autism. As his mom explains, "he is primarily non verbal." It's trust that allows Benjamin to face his deepest fears. Scared of a somersault, his mom says, "it took us two years to get a front roll." "He got over a fear, he worked through it slowly but he did it. We were all in tears," adds Durrant.

Benjamin's mother only wishes more of us would see what she sees. "When you first meet my son, a lot of what you see is him going, woo!" People don't really know what they're missing.

If we made an effort, we'd all strike gold. "What's inside is a brilliant young man," says Benjamin's mom.  And what's inside, shines in the gym every weekend, giving us a sense of the inherent brilliance that can light up a room.
So coaches and volunteers come out winners too. Coach Durrant says many of the kids you in that class at Osega Gymnastics, qualified to go to the State Special Olympics Summer Games in Raleigh.Special Report: Finding Balance
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