Special Report: The Gluten-Free Standard

Updated: Thursday, May 1 2014, 08:55 PM EDT
Special Report: The Gluten-Free Standard story image
Help is on the way for people with wheat allergies, and a disease that keeps them from digesting food.
They must eat products that are gluten-free, products that have no wheat, barley, or rye contamination. After years of uncertainty, the Federal Government will soon require stricter labeling and testing standards for food claiming to be gluten-free.
People with Celiac Disease can become seriously ill if they eat only a small amount of wheat-contaminated food. They tell us they’ve eaten restaurant menu items labeled gluten-free, and bought gluten-free products that made them sick.
A bakery owner says workers make gluten-free baked goods in the same kitchen as they make wheat loaves. They warn customers that their gluten-free products may have trace amounts of wheat in them.
The new federal regulation requires that any product labeled gluten-free have less than 20-parts-per-million of wheat contamination. That standard begins in August of 2014.
For more on the FDA's regulation of gluten-free claims, click here.
For an FDA Q&A about gluten-free food labeling, click here.

By: Sherrill BarberSpecial Report: The Gluten-Free Standard
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