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Special Report: Haunting of Helen's Bridge

Updated: Tuesday, November 19 2013, 07:32 PM EST
Special Report: Haunting of Helen
The mountains are home to some haunted history. If you grew up in or around Asheville, chances are you've heard about Helen's Bridge. It is on Beaucatcher Mountain.

Legend has it a woman, who hanged herself from the bridge after the death of her young daughter, now haunts it.

People have passed down the tale for generations. But is the story true?

"It's amazing how many people who are in their 60's and 70's that I've personally spoken with that report the car stalled. Couldn't get the car started again and I felt a cold wind at my back or I felt something touch me on my shoulder and I came running out of there screaming. It won't die. It's a legend and a story especially around Halloween keeps coming back year after year after year," said Historian Vance Pollock.

Joshua Warren is a paranormal investigator and author.

"The most popular story has been people encountering the mother and she looks at them very pale and says have you seen my daughter? And it sends a little chill down their spine every single time," said Warren.

While writing his book, "Haunted Asheville", Warren wanted to separate tale from truth.

"We don't know if the legend is actually true. We do know however that there was a suicide that occurred near this bridge. There was a workman who killed himself," said Warren.

Pollock found an article in the Asheville Gazette from May 6th 1906. He says the man who killed himself was an employee of Phillip Henry, the owner of Zealandia Castle and the man who built the bridge.   

As for why the bridge is called Helen's Bridge?

"There's probably not too much of a stretch to assume that it's borrowed from Helen Clevenger," said Pollock.

In one of Asheville's most infamous murder cases, college student Helen Clevenger was shot and beaten to death in 1936. Her body was found at the Battery Park Hotel.

Many believe the man convicted of killing Clevenger didn't do the crime, so Helen's spirit is hanging around to get justice.
Special Report: Haunting of Helen's Bridge
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