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Special Report: Holiday Tipping Point

Updated: Tuesday, November 26 2013, 08:27 PM EST
Special Report: Holiday Tipping Point story image
This time of year, shoppers flood the mall in search of gifts for loved ones. But there's whole different level of giving, that may have you on the holiday tipping point.

Many believe in tipping people that have helped them throughout the year. Whether it's the barber or the barista at the local coffee shop.   

Becky White of "The Coffee Depot" in Fletcher says when it comes to holiday tips, every drop helps.

"You know you're appreciated," she says. "And it helps. "

"Everybody deserves to have a little bit extra during the holidays," says shopper Veronica Sartor of Asheville.

Debby Burchfield is an Asheville Etiquette Consultant who says we should all budget for more tips this time of year.
She and her husband carry a wad of fresh $2 bills to give away when appropriate.

"They remember it, and appreciate it," Burchfield says. "Somebody said we just keep these. "

The etiquette experts at the "Emily Post" web site call holiday tipping, holiday "thanking." They point to factors ranging from your budget, to your relationship with the service provider to help calculate the appropriate amount.

When it comes to the dog walker, they suggest up to a week's pay. While for your barber, Emily Post recommends a tip equaling the cost of one haircut.

At some restaurants that serve food over the counter, you may notice a tip line on the receipt. Burchfield says in that case, and in carry out cases, you should tip a minimum of 10% and up to 20% if you're getting excellent service.Special Report: Holiday Tipping Point
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