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Wind Advisory from 12AM Thursday to 12AM Friday for Avery, Mitchell & Yancey Counties. Wind gusts up to 60mph, with downed limbs, trees and even power lines possible. Tie down any loose items outdoors.

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Special Report: Honor Air Milestone

Updated: Monday, November 11 2013, 07:26 PM EST
Special Report: Honor Air Milestone story image

A nonprofit that honors America's greatest generation hits a major milestone.

The Honor Air program took their 300th chartered flight on U.S. Airways this year. Honor Air takes World War II veterans on an all-expenses paid trip to visit the memorial in Washington, D.C

The very first Honor Air flight took off from the Asheville Airport back in 2006. Since then, almost 120,000 vets have taken flight.

Now the aging population of World War II veterans has its co-founder asking "what's next?"

"Ideally, everyone could go into Korean, and Vietnam veterans. With the economy the way its been, it's amazing all these programs have continued to do so well," said Jeff Miller.

Miller says his next project is to help homeless veterans here in the mountains.

If you want to learn more about Honor Air and how to volunteer, click here.

Special Report: Honor Air Milestone
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