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Special Report: JFK, Where Were You?

Updated: Friday, November 22 2013, 09:20 PM EST
Special Report: JFK, Where Were You? story image
It has been 50 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. So many still remember where they were, and how they felt, when the shocking news came on that Friday,11/22/63.

It marked the first live, breaking news coverage in history. The popular CBS soap opera, As The World Turns, was interrupted with a bulletin by anchorman Walter Cronkite. He reported the President was dead.
Carmen Ramos-Kennedy, of Asheville, was an 8th grade student in New York when the announcement was made. As an African-American, JFKs death hit very close to home.  He was the President that was supposed to make a really big change for people that look like me, Ramos-Kennedy says.
That date, President Kennedy's date, is certainly etched in my brain, says Ellen Clarke.  She is the retired founder of Western Carolinians For Criminal Justice and was a 10th grader in Montgomery, Alabama in 1963.  The South was still segregated and Clarke says word of what had happened came over the school intercom.  It was clear not everyone was upset.  When we heard that announcement in our English class, out in the hall, there were people cheering.
Dr. Eade Anderson was a Presbyterian pastor in Greenwood, Alabama. Now the retired minister lives in Montreat and remembers the day President Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas, half a century ago.
With my generation, the memory is bright and vivid still.  With my grandchildren, I think he's something out of a history book, Dr. Anderson said.
The Kennedy assassination was the low point of the most tumultuous decade in modern American history.  The Cuban Missile Crisis, the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War.  Also the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bobby Kennedy, all in the 60s.  But JFKs death also came almost 100 years to the day after one of the greatest moments in our history, President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.Special Report: JFK, Where Were You?
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