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Special Report: The Last Jam

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 09:23 PM EDT
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Some call it the music of the mountains, bluegrass. For more than half a century, musicians flocked to Ms. Hyatt's Music House in Asheville, to carry on the tradition. But the house was caught in the middle of a family dispute, putting the local legacy at risk.

A family member chose to sell the property to an adjacent car dealership. The goal was to raise enough funds to move the Hyatt house to another location, but fundraising attemps failed.

50 years of Thursday night jam sessions came to an end this spring. News 13 has been following the story of Ms. Hyatt's music house for years, and in this Special Report we share the final jam session and demolition of the Hyatt House.

By Ingrid Allstaedt

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Special Report: The Last Jam
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