Special Report: Migration To AVL

Updated: Tuesday, November 19 2013, 08:16 PM EST
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Experts say a population surge continues as the Asheville area bounces back from the post-recession slump. Lately, Asheville is trending as a place people from all over the map are moving.
Research economist Tom Tveidt says by the numbers, the city is growing above the US average, increasing one percent every 12 months. That's 38-hundred new residents per year.

Experts point to several reasons for the rebound. The vibrant arts scene, and Asheville's status as a top retirement destination are enticing to some.

"The whole area has collected people from different parts of the country,  you feel comfortable," says retiree Allen Cutter.

While Florida and Georgia is a big migration source, Tveidt says 75 percent of  new residents are from within North Carolina.

"They match our existing demographics, younger," Tveidt says. "Those folks are attracted here as our home affordability has come down."Special Report: Migration To AVL
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