Special Report: Moonshine Going Mainstream Pt. 2

Updated: Tuesday, April 21 2015, 11:12 AM EDT
Special Report: Moonshine Going Mainstream Pt. 2 story image
People connected with the moonshining industry are now finding a growing demand for their product.  Some former moonshiners have decided to capitalize on the corn liquors popularity by going mainstream.

Two young entrepreneurs in Woodfin have opened a legal moonshine distillery using all the same methods and techniques that were used for generations by their ancestors.  Howling Moon distillery opened its doors in the 2010 and already can't keep it's product on store shelves.  It's now one of the fastest growing legal moonshines on the market.

The key to their success, they say, is the family recipe and help from relatives who've grown up moonshining.  The federal government opened the door to legal moonshining a few years ago.  After acquiring all the necessary permits, they're now producing 400 to 500 gallons a month and say the sky is the limit with growing demand.

By Frank Fraboni
Special Report: Moonshine Going Mainstream Pt. 2
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