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Special Report: Mountain Gangs

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 09:23 PM EDT
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Big time gangs are spreading to small towns. According to local authorities, many of them have settled right here in the mountains. There're about 20 known gangs walking the streets of Asheville. Henderson County is also seeing a spike in gang activity.

Local, state and federal agencies are starting to come together to share information. Authorities say staying on top of gang activity in the area is key. Investigators say social media sites have become a popular place for gangs to communicate.

Both Asheville and Henderson County authorities say it's important to teach the youth there are other options. They're also working with community groups and schools to get the message across early. Authorities say getting gangs completely off the streets May never happen. However, they say breaking up their small town popularity is something that is possible.

By Megan Schiering
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Special Report: Mountain Gangs
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