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Special Report: Music Man

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 09:23 PM EDT
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This is not an overnight success story. Some would question, if this man is a success at all.
Timothy McGlynn says bus route 170 gives him a fighting chance.
"It's gonna take a lot of patience," he tells us.
"I commend him, I know he has responsibilities," a woman next to him says.

From his home in West Asheville, it's two hours of waiting and riding each day.

"Not as competitive as downtown," he says on the bus. "And the people in Swannanoa are so much nicer."

Timothy says the venue has rejuvenated his career.

"Not too many people think of playing front of a gas station it's different," he says, standing in front of the Shell station in Swannanoa with his guitar.

He busks there every single day, even if it is 15 miles out of his way. Beats Asheville he says.

"By the time people get to me they went through 20 buskers already and they're just over it."

Timothy says he can't afford to compete anymore. These days the "big break" gives him the cash to buy simple things for his family.

He has two boys, including a nine-month-old baby.
"My children are my biggest motivation to do what i do," he tells us while playing for tips in front of Shell.
"He's trying to take care of his family," one regular customer tells us.
One clerk told us she's not so sure about his approach. Arguing that by supporting him, we only encourage him NOT to get a job.

But Timothy's not afraid to dream on.

"Who knows maybe a record producer will pull up needing gas."Special Report: Music Man
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