Special Report Part I: Cannabis for Kids

Updated: Wednesday, August 13 2014, 11:27 AM EDT
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Some forms of marijuana could soon become legal in South Carolina. A bill about to pass the state legislature this week, would allow people with severe chronic illnesses to use the drug.

Adults suffering from cancer, glaucoma, P.T.S.D. and many other illnesses have reported benefits from using marijuana. But, for a growing number of kids, a form of cannabis has become a pathway to a more normal life.

Like most moms, Jessica Newby would do anything for her children. Each child is unique. Like her 6 year-old, Giselle. She can run, jump, skip, hop. Her three year-old son, is struggling a bit. "He's three, so they medically tested him, and he's 2 years and 6 months old. As far as fine motor skills, being able to talk, but his verbal is 1 years old," says Jessica.

It started from birth. When Jes'wa was born, he had difficulty eating, and as moms do, Newby worried. Jes'wa had his first seizure when he was 4 months, at home for over an hour and a half. Jessica says her son's development has been slowed by Dravet Syndrome, a condition that causes debilitating seizures.

"Right now he's on onfi and topomax," says Jessica. His seizures are partially controlled by medicine, but Jessica says they have a downside. She found hope when she heard about a new seizure medication called C.B.D. oil.

Gaffney native, Steva Kiser's grandson, Ezra also suffered from seizure. The seizures stunted Ezra's development, like growing teeth or learning to walk. "I would describe it as a pharmaceutical coma  for many many months, he was non-responsive," says Steva.
So last July, Steva and her daughter made a choice only a desperate parent could make. "We've got to go to Colorado. She said 'mom if we don't go, I'll wonder rest of my life if it would have helped him to have medical marijuana," says Steva. A family in Colorado had found a solution for their daughter that would change the Kisers and many others' lives.

Tonight on News 13 at 11 in Part Two of Cannabis for Kids, find out exactly how marijuana has become a life-giving tool for these children and hundreds of others. Also, in Part Two, the special medicine that might be coming to at least one of the Carolinas very soon.Special Report Part I: Cannabis for Kids
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