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Special Report: Prescription Drug Abuse Part II

Updated: Tuesday, November 12 2013, 07:29 PM EST
Special Report: Prescription Drug Abuse Part II story image

It's a problem killing hundreds of adults and children all over Western North Carolina. According to local medical examiners, deaths are expected to rise. Kids experimenting to get an opiate high are popping prescription pills only to fall sleep and never wake up.

In Haywood County, five people died of prescription overdoses in January alone. 16 this year with three more autopsies the medical examiner says will likely to come back as prescription pill overdoses.

People are using the pills illegally and recklessly. Now parents we spoke to want everyone to know.

Theresa Kykendall's son Andrew died in 2007 from taking methadone pills. Methodone is used to wean addicts off drugs. Theresa believes Andrew wasn't experimenting, but actually took the pills thinking they would help him get some sleep.

"But I had no clue I had to warn him about prescription drugs. I thought you had to take the whole bottle to die," said Kykendall.

Theresa wants people to know Andrew's story, hoping it resonates.

Special Report: Prescription Drug Abuse Part II
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