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Special Report: "Sound of Life"

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 09:23 PM EDT
Special Report: "Sound of Life" story image

The story within the story was far more emotional than we could have ever imagined. It began with a simple lesson about sound.

went to W. Buncombe Elementary to do a piece about Dr. Bob's
SoundSchool, a Bob Moog Foundation project at Asheville and Buncombe
Schools. It's an interactive program about the science of sound.

when we asked Garron Greiner about the worst sound he had ever heard,
our special report went in an entirely different direction.

"The sound of someone screaming," said Garron. "My sister is in the hospital."

we discovered the story of a brother-sister bond that could not be
ignored. Garron's sister, 5-year-old Jordan, is fighting for her life at
Ronald McDonald House in Chapel Hill.

Her big brother, who's 8,
is the beacon of hope for the entire family with his amazing spark of
humor. The spark that instantly caught our attention in class.

lesson about sound that we ended up with was far deeper than we thought
it might be. Especially when mother Lisa Grice told us that all she
wants right now is the sound of her kids laughing together, and even
fighting. The sound of the dog barking, or better yet, all of those
household noises at once.

The background noise is what the whole
family craves most. In the worst of time, they realize such sounds are
music to their ears.

Special Report: "Sound of Life"
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