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Special Report: Special Delivery

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:23 PM EDT
Special Report: Special Delivery story image

Don't be surprised to see an Asheville mom sporting a gorilla suit or dressing up like Prince.

"I've always been kind of intrigued by singing telegrams," says Jillian Isele AKA Sarah Nade.

"Put another candle on your birthday candle on your birthday cake, your birthday cake," she recited recently, pounding her chest in the fuzzy gorilla outfit.

In tough economic times, that's how she brings home a little extra money for a family including three boys.

Her husband Micah is a mail carrier for the USPS. Like so many families, money is tight for them.

"Definitely strapped, living check to check," says Micah. "It's been hard for my family"
"Helping on the special occasions there's definite similarities between our jobs," Micah says, comparing their professions. "so many people have to push aside their talents just survive in our economy."

But not Sarah Nade.

"And I show up for five minutes, and go back home to my kids."

Special Report: Special Delivery
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