Special Report: Vinyl Comeback

Updated: Sunday, November 17 2013, 01:18 PM EST
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There is a resurgence of record sales across the country, including right here in the mountains.  Nationwide, more records were sold in 2012 than ever before.  Music lovers are dusting off old vinyl, as record companies press new records.  Those who listen to records say it's no longer about moving forward in the digital age, but circling back.

Customer at Harvest Records in Asheville, Claire Boswell, inherited her grandmother's record collection a couple years ago.

"It's people who still want the thing, the physical thing that goes with the music ," says Boswell.  "I think thats what it is." 

Owners of Harvest Records, Mark Capon and Matt Schnable, were forced to expand their store to accommodate the resurgence of record buying from their customers.  Record sales now make up 65% of their business.  Co-owner Mark Capon says it's less about nostalgia for his young customers, and more about the experience of enjoying music. 

"It's like you want to go to see a band live, you want to experience that with the band and with your friends," says Capon. "It's sort of the same mentality."

Despite the rise in record sales, digital sales are continuing their climb.  Overall, physical music sales are going down, including a 13% drop in CD sales in 2012 nationwide.  Despite the decline , overall customer buy more CD's than records.


Special Report: Vinyl Comeback
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