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Animal Lover Plans Chicken Rescue & Shelter

Updated: Tuesday, February 25 2014, 07:10 PM EST
A fundraising campaign to save chickens may test the compassion of even the greatest animal lovers.

"Every chicken has a right to live," says Annamaria Bowman of Rutherford County.

She has a grand plan for a "Chicken Rescue and Sanctuary."

"And with us they're gonna have a safe place until they die," says Bowman, who's vegan.
She's hoping to raise a thousand dollars for a no-kill sanctuary where "all hens can be free from harm." Bowman has rescued 16 of them in the past year.

"Every one of them, they have a story behind them," she says.

Most of us think of them only as farm animals, with a simple purpose. We count on chickens as a vital part of our food supply.
Ashley English of Candler literally wrote the book on poultry ownership, called "Keeping Chickens." She says some aren't up to the responsibility and abandon their birds.

"That's just purely irresponsible, to abandon it,  it'd be like abandoning a cat or a dog," English tells us.

English says short of a sanctuary, there are responsible ways to find a chicken a home.
"The interest in backyard chicken keeping in Asheville is phenomenal," she explains. "There's plenty of people that would want to take a chicken off of your hands."

Bowman's passionate about her crusade, which has so far collected a few hundred dollars in pledges. She says she feels more connected to birds than most humans.
"We do feel a connection with them. They are really unique feathery friends, that's how we call them."Animal Lover Plans Chicken Rescue & Shelter

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