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Arden Friends Split Million Dollar Lottery Prize

Updated: Monday, December 31 2012, 03:10 PM EST
"What a Christmas present," said Steve Penix of Arden, after a whirlwind few days that leaves him with half of a one million dollar windfall.

He and his friend, Don McClellan were having coffee as usual at the "Kounty Line - Fletcher" on Hendersonville Road Monday morning when they decided to test their luck with an instant scratch-off lottery ticket.

After pitching in five bucks each, Don told Steve they'd hit the jackpot. Steve tried to guess the winnings.

"And I said, a thousand. They've hit it a couple of times for a thousand," Steve recalls. "He said no, ONE MILLION. I said wow!! I said, one million dollars! I got my glasses out, had a look at it. I couldn't sit still!"

The men are known as the "liar's club" at the gas station because they love to drink coffee and talk about everything from the weather to work. But this time they were telling the truth.

The "Cash Spectacular" ticket pays off 25-thousand dollars to each man for 20 years. That's about 17-grand after taxes.

Steve plans to pay off his mortgage and help put his grandchildren through college. Don plans to pay off some bills.Arden Friends Split Million Dollar Lottery Prize

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