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Asheville Doomsday Prepper Ready For New Beginning

Updated: Wednesday, December 19 2012, 08:35 PM EST

December 21st is the end of the Mayan calendar. In case Friday is the end of the world, an Asheville man says he's ready to thrive.

Ryan Croft is featured on the National Geographic show "Doomsday Preppers," but he does not fear the end of the Mayan calendar.

He's bracing for disasters and other possible scenarios, bracing for a new and uncertain chapter, not the end of the world as we know it.

"People that are adaptive and self responsible can face those challenges easier than people that are waiting to see what other people are deciding to do with the new world," says Croft, president of Amendment Arms, Inc. in Arden.

He says many "doomsday preppers" have gone way too far, stocking years worth of food. "The problem I have with most preppers is they dedicate their own lives to it," Croft explains. "They don't have normal lives."

Croft says along with having a few months supply on hand, he cultivates Spirulina and is also prepared to eat worms as a source of wiggly protein.

Croft says those critters can "not just keep you alive, do you realize six of these guys are high quality protein?"

By John Le
You can follow John on Twitter @AbsoluteLe

Asheville Doomsday Prepper Ready For New Beginning

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