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BB Gun At School

Updated: Monday, February 4 2013, 10:37 AM EST

Some Buncombe County parents say there needed to be better communication when a student brought a broken BB gun to school this week.

They say they got a recorded message from the principal at Koontz Intermediate School Wednesday afternoon. While it told them about the incident, parents we spoke with say it was just too casual.

With heightened anxiety after the Connecticut shooting, the parents say kids should have been told what was happening, and that they were safe.

Buncombe County School administrators say they can't discuss the individual discipline of the child involved. They say state regulations define a BB gun as a weapon, not a firearm, and there is discretion in the length of any suspension.

A meeting between school officials and parents is planned for February 26th.  

By Rex Hodge

BB Gun At School

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