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Blizzard of '93 Anniversary

Updated: Friday, March 15 2013, 06:20 PM EDT
Mention the “Blizzard of ’93” in a crowd of people from Asheville and you’ll likely hear a lot of snow stories.

Twenty years ago today a giant storm put down at least two feet of snow, plunged homes into the dark, and blocked roads.

At Van Wingerden International in Henderson County, several feet of snow collapsed a greenhouse with three people inside. They escaped without injury.

That just one of the dozens of stories News 13 covered twenty years ago as the winds howled and dumped as much as four feet of snow in some places.

It was deep enough to block I-26 and I-40, to silence the airprt and major industries for days.

Power outages put tens of thousands of people in the dark, and for some power didn’t return for more than a week.

National Guard soldiers and pilots found and rescued a group of teenagers camping in the Smokies with temperatures at nearly zero.

Today at Van Wingerden, Kelly Cantrell has vivid memories of the $5-million in damages and lost plants.

But they rebuilt and moved on as many mountain people did after homes and businesses were damaged in the storm.

By Sherrill Barber
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Blizzard of '93 Anniversary

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