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Child Sex Abuse Arrest

Updated: Saturday, February 15 2014, 12:29 PM EST
When police found 68-year-old restaurant owner Stephen Hurley in a Maggie Valley motel room February 5th, after an attempted suicide, they also say they found his note.
That led Maggie Valley police to investigate the alleged sexual assault of two children and 44 resulting sexual molestation related counts and felony warrants for Hurley's arrest.
"It disgusts me," said Angela Sturgill, from Maggie Valley.
"First I heard of it a few days ago rumors in a small town," said Bud Neller who knows Steven Hurley. 
"He owned a restaurant down the street he came across as very friendly very nice," said Neller.
Friday night Hurley's restaurant called Hurley's, after himself, was busy with customers. News 13 went in for comment but was asked to leave. 
"There's been no activity there for the past three days it's been shut down nobody was there," Said Sturgill.
Hurley is now charged with molesting two children under the age of 16 in 2006 and 2007. The alleged victims are now of age and police say they're cooperating. 
"I'm glad he didn't successfully commit suicide because I want him to suffer because he made the children suffer. Let him go to prison let him have a good time with those guys, "said Bud Neller.

By Kimberly King 
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