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Chilling Weather Draws Mixed Reactions

Updated: Tuesday, January 22 2013, 07:28 PM EST

The chilling wind cuts right through your layers of clothing. Sub-freezing temps were the talk of downtown Asheville.

"This cold feels like needles in the skin, " says Chris Briggs of Asheville. "It's unbearable."

Downtown, bundled-up pedestrians tried to walk it off, to no avail.

"It's freezing," complains Jekk Wrexx. "I can't even get my hands out of my pocket to text."

ABCCM says a couple of hundred people signed up for heating assistance today. They're hoping the community comes through with donations to feed the need this winter.   

"It means the world," said Cassandra Sampson of Asheville, a mother of two. "Because my kids wouldn't have warmth or electricity."

While most took the cold quite seriously, one man seemed to laugh it off downtown by wearing shorts.

"This is my time of year," Eric McDaniel says while proudly displaying his bare legs. "I get to watch everyone be miserable. I'll be miserable in June."

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Chilling Weather Draws Mixed Reactions

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