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Cops: Local Couple Framed Man For Rape

Updated: Tuesday, February 12 2013, 08:30 PM EST

Asheville police have arrested a local couple after a weeks long scheme to frame an innocent man for rape unraveled.  The couple is identified as Michael Timmons and Teresa Knapp.

North Asheville resident Stephanie Foster told News 13’s Mario Boone Tuesday she watched the bizarre plot unfold.  “She said that she got raped over here on this porch over here," said Foster.

Police said Timmons and Knapp concocted the rape claim against Knapp's ex-boyfriend out of revenge.

“Me and my husband didn't hear anything, so we knew that she was a lie."  Foster lives next door to where she said the suspects had been squatting for almost a month.  "I think he was very convincing because he talked real good," she said.

But Foster also said Timmons was also scary because he constantly flashed a taser.  "And then I saw him with a taser.  He showed my husband the taser.  He kept mashing it and pressing it."

A police spokesman said detectives poured considerable hours into the fraudulent case because every allegation has to be taken seriously.

“But, they never did catch on.”  Foster became almost an amateur detective piecing the puzzle together.  "So I guess I should work for the police department," she said with a laugh.

Police finally got their big break during a surprise late night visit to the couple. It was then investigators discovered cell phones the couple allegedly used to make threats against officers while pretending to be the man Knapp was accusing of rape.

Both face a long list of felony charges including false reporting, perjury, and conspiracy. 

By: Mario Boone,

Follow on Twitter: @marioboone


Cops: Local Couple Framed Man For Rape

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