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Dangerous Dare: Neknominate Drinking Game

Updated: Thursday, February 20 2014, 11:19 AM EST
Five people are dead after participating in an online drinking game that's catching on around the world. All of the victims are men under the age of 30 who died after consuming large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time. It's a daring trend that's exploding on social media sites.

The rules of the Neknominate drinking game is to chug and challenge. Originating in Australia, it's quickly spreading fast to those in other countries via Facebook and YouTube. Hundreds of videos posted online show people downing as much alcohol as they can in one sitting and then daring their friends to out do them.

Advocates are warning young people about the dangers of this game. In a recent interview with ABC News in New York, Dale Galloway talks about understanding the risks and the best prevention methods.

"It's problematic for us and dangerous to say that, it's not happening here. It's not going on we have to recognize that the potential and the probabilities are pretty strong," said Galloway.

His son, Connor, passed away at the age of 12 from the choking game. Since then, Galloway and his wife have started a website to raise awareness about risky behaviors.

"Positive, providing information for preventative purposes is always the better road and to pretend something is not there and hoping that it doesn't happen is just not wise," said Galloway.

The Galloway family are using their pain to educate and by doing so hoping no other family loses a loved one to something. Dangerous Dare: Neknominate Drinking Game

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