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DJ/Bartender Faces Felony Sex Charges

Updated: Wednesday, February 19 2014, 07:17 AM EST
Court documents reveal what a female victim says 42-year-old Robert Castillo did to her. According to an arrest warrant, Castillo is charged with secretly using a photo device "for the purpose of arousing his sexual desire." The felony warrant for his arrest says Castillo "did it without the person's (female victim's) consent."

“I just think that is just sick,” said Kim Hathaway who lives in Castillo’s West Asheville neighborhood.

“When someone videotapes someone either knowingly or unknowingly that's just wrong,” said Hathaway. “In this day and age, that picture could be splashed all over the world to her embarrassment.  And you know, women have committed suicide because of embarrassments like this.”

A police report shows the alleged incident took place October 4, 2013. Charges were just recently filed. A related police report has “yes” checked next to a question if “force” was involved.

Castillo is known in the Asheville bar and restaurant scene, having worked at spots like Ben's Tune-up. The manager had no comment.  At Broadway's music venue downtown, a staffer who spoke to News 13 on the condition of anonymity said the following: "We love Rob. He's done real well for us over the past ten years. We can't believe this whole incident."

Court papers show Castillo was also recently charged with DWI.

News 13 tried reaching Castillo by phone, but he did not return the call.

By Kimberly King
Follow Kim on Twitter @KimKingReportsDJ/Bartender Faces Felony Sex Charges

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