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Double Shooting Investigation

Updated: Thursday, February 7 2013, 06:06 PM EST
Authorities say a deadly shooting in McDowell County late Tuesday appears to be a murder suicide attempt.
It left one person dead, and another in the hospital with life threatening injuries.
Authorities believe 16-year-old Abraham Valdez shot and killed 18-year-old Daniel Escobar, then shot himself in the head.
One official News 13 spoke with says he hasn't seen anything like it before.
No suicide note has been found, but authorities say the gun was near 16 year old Abraham Valdez, who was found on the ground near his friend - 18 year old Daniel de Jesus Umana Escobar. Valdez, still alive, with a gunshot would to the head, Escobar dead, shot in the torso.
Capt. Shannon Smith, McDowell County Sheriff's Office, "it is surprising, I can't recall anything like this as long as I've been here."
As of Wednesday, Valdez is listed in critical condition at Mission Hospital.
Escobar appears to have posted a long, thoughtful message on his Facebook page exactly one week ago. He ended is saying: it s with purpose that we live, it s with purpose that we die.

By Ashlea Surles
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