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Easter Weekend Travel

Updated: Monday, April 1 2013, 03:24 PM EDT
Good Friday was a heavy travel day to start the Easter weekend.
Triple-A of the Carolinas says lower gas prices mean more people will likely hit the road.

Thousands of people hitting the roads, clogging up highways and byways all over the Carolinas.

"Its been very...packed...Lot of people on the highway."

Sterling Ambrose is on his way from Nashville to Saluda.

He says stop and go traffic made his long road-trip even longer, "its been really busy, outside Knoxville, going west, backed up for 20-30 minutes, one wreck. I didn't expect this much traffic on Friday."

Turns out lots of people thought Good Friday was a good day to travel.

Kevin Rocklewitz and his family have been in the car for days, driving from Wisconsin to South Carolina.

He says high or low, gas prices don't discourage driving.  He's paid about $150 for fuel so far.

Kevin Rocklewitz, "I like driving...I don't think about the plane..I love to drive."

Dennis Hicks paid $3.39 per gallon in Tennessee.  He says paying 30 cents more in North Carolina is surprising, but doesn't change Easter plans, "I think about it but I don't discourage me. If I want to go...I still go."

Triple-A Carolinas says it costs about $55 to fill up a car with a 15-gallon tank.

That's a few dollars less then it was a month ago.Easter Weekend Travel

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