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Facebook Plant Addresses Noise Complaints

Updated: Friday, March 29 2013, 10:46 AM EDT
Facebook is trying to make peace with it's neighbors.  

Engineers were on site to take sound measurements Thursday.

The social media giant is addressing the noise coming from backup generators at its Rutherford County data center.  

As we've reported, nearby residents say the units are very loud when they are tested on a regular basis.  

Facebook says it wants to work with people living nearby to come up with a solution that will make everyone happy.

Facebook released this statement to News 13:
"It's important to us to be a good neighbor. We met last week with nearby residents to hear their concerns, and today we have engineers on-site to take further sound measurements and provide recommendations on how we might be able to address those concerns. We do need to occasionally run our generators as part of normal course of business. This includes brief monthly tests to ensure they're running properly, as well as the rare instance when we're not able to use power from the grid. We've taken steps to ensure that we're in compliance with all local ordinances, and we're careful to restrict our tests to business hours only. We've also planted trees and shrubs on the site to minimize the sound of the generators when they run. We will continue our neighborhood conversation.” - Keven McCammon, site manager for Facebook’s Forest City data center

By Megan Schiering
Follow Megan on Twitter @MSchieringWLOSFacebook Plant Addresses Noise Complaints

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