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Flood Warning for Campers & Hikers

Updated: Thursday, April 11 2013, 07:11 PM EDT
Dangerous storms and high winds are in the forecast, and that has hikers and campers using caution in the woods.

At the Pisgah National Forest, rangers say they issued a bulletin to warn people about camping near streams in the back woods.

They've issued a flash flood bulletin to urge visitors to be wary about how heavy rainfall events can push streams out of their banks.

That could threaten the safety of campers near those streams and the high water can isolate some campgrounds if the trails are blocked by flooded streams.

Hikers we talked with today say they were aware of the storms coming tonight, and came here early this morning to avoid the downpours.

Becky Sheftall, hiker, "I actually got out of bed earlier than usual today on my day off, as early as possible, so I would miss the rain."

Brook Messina, , hiker, "it sounds to me like this would be a day to stay home tonight, and if you are going to be out, then obviously you want to stay away from low-lying areas around water and that kind of thing."

Forest rangers say they try to caution hikers, bikers, and campers every year about the possibilty of flash flooding.

They hope to encourage people to enjoy the outdoors, safely.

The forest service bulletin should -not- be confused with national weather service bulletins.

So far, no flash flood advisories have been issued from them.

By Sherrill Barber
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Flood Warning for Campers & Hikers

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