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Funding Secured for Flat Rock Playhouse

Updated: Thursday, December 13 2012, 03:31 PM EST
When it comes to the financial health of the Flat Rock Playhouse, the show will go on, at least for another year.

The Flat Rock Playhouse released it's 2013 show schedule, saying it has enough money to get through the coming year. 

That's great news for nearby businesses who say they depend on the Playhouse for their success.

Molly Sharp, "We wouldn't be able to function on the kind of level that we function, they come in here and patronize our businesses and buy stuff from us, and we would suffer a lot, the whole community would suffer a lot without the Playhouse."

It's also a relief for David Workman of Flat Rock Village Bakery, "the Playhouse contributes enormously to the business here.  Between the staff and the actors and the people who come to see the plays, all those people involved are our customers."

The playhouse announced that it raised the quarter million dollars needed to financially survive 2013, $100,000 of that money came from a private donor.

Executive Director, Vincent Marini, "I feel really good about the future of the Playhouse.  It's been a really exciting couple of weeks here.  We have a lot more work to do.  I hope people who believe in this organization and its place in the community will continue to give through the rest of the year."

Marini says the Playhouse will make adjustments, including fewer shows on the main stage, and more "music on the rock" performances which usually sell out.

He also says the Playhouse will also hire a managing director-slash-comptroller to help keep it's finances in better shape, all encouraging news to the nearby businesses.

Playhouse organizers say they also plan on taking some of their productions on the road, so they can raise awareness and, hopefully, additional contributions to the playhouse.

By Karen Wynne
Follow Karen on Twitter @KarenWynneWLOS

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