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Gas Prices Keep Dropping

Updated: Tuesday, December 11 2012, 05:51 PM EST

The price at the pump just keeps on dropping.

"Oh, I would love $3 bucks a gallon," said Jack Ramsaur of Asheville, and there's a good chance he might get his wish.

Gas prices have already dropped $.06 in the Asheville area and $.07 in the Upstate in just one week. Right now the national average for a gallon of gas is $3.34. The state average for North Carolina is $3.29 and in South Carolina and gallon will cost you $3.03.

"I travel about a thousand miles a week for my job and I've definitely felt the gas prices at every time I fill up," Ramsaur said.

Less money spent at the pump means a big savings to Ramsaur. "$50-$70 every time I fill up," he said. And that translates into more dollars for the household.

"Do more for your family, better Christmas, some of the car repairs that I have to do for the traveling I do."

AAA-Carolinas said there are three main reasons for the gas price drop including a lower price per barrel, low demand, and high inventory.

But the news isn't all good for consumers because home heating oil is up about twenty cents compared to this time last year.

According to AAA, you can expect gas prices to rebound between Christmas and the new year.

By: Mario Boone,

Follow on Twitter: @marioboone

Gas Prices Keep Dropping

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